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Exhibition Flag: Past

Edible Flowers

I have always been fascinated by the usage of tarp sacks (Drochak bureh) in the Tibetan community. Growing up, tarp sacks that carried food aid from the US for Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India were a common sight. They were incorporated in to our daily lives—as material for constructing houses, garbage bags, shower scrubbing, laundry, and dishwashing. It became apart of our lives, and now it has become intrinsic to my art. The colors expressed by the tarp are remarkably unique in the final development of my artwork. In this series Edible Flowers, the paintings trace a delicate balance...

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The Next 2024

‘The Next – 2024′ presents works by 23 young artists working across diverse media of drawing, painting, mixed media, ceramic and sculpture.  The show brings together artists who are pursuing or have completed fine art studies from different art colleges in Nepal in order to present the queries and reflections of the next generation of Nepali artists. The young artists weave themes of identity, culture, and lived experience to create portraits of the world as they see it. For most, the works take a personal, introspective note to draw the viewers where they stand. Through nuanced...

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Takpa Gallery is proud to present a collection of 22 recent works by Tsherin Sherpa. The exhibition features works in gold leaf, acrylic and ink from the ongoing ‘Spirit’ series and ‘Protector’ series. The works explore the dynamics within the himalayan diaspora as they juggle personal experience of their culture against presumptions put onto them by the western world. Perceived as a static Shangri la, his work subverts this notion of Himalayan culture through representative ‘Spirit’ characters that merge tradition and modernity. They embody the spirit of...

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A Tapestry of Voices

Takpa gallery is proud to present the group show ‘A Tapestry of Voices’ organized by Himalayan Art Initiative and World Bank Nepal on the theme of gender-based violence. The exhibition brings together 30 contemporary Nepali artists to advocate for the theme ‘16 Days of Artivism Against Gender-Based Violence’. The show highlights issues around gender to reflect on ideas of gender identity, gender based violence, and discrimination within Nepali society. The show visualizes opportunities for empowerment and equality between the genders through empathy and mutual collaboration. The artists have...

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The Sculpted Visions

The show presents the artist’s explorations on themes of divinity, humanity and the human spirit that binds the two through sculptures and installations. Maharjan’s experiments with material and texture not only highlight his forte as a sculptor, but also create compelling reflections on ideas of sacredness and humaneness. The artist merges traditional motifs and philosophy with contemporary forms to inquire into the essence of cultures and the enduring human qualities within them. The show brings together Maharjan’s inquiries into diverse aspects of human life through conceptual depictions...

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The Stranger is a Friend

Takpa Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition by artist Pooja Duwal titled “The Stranger Is A Friend”. The show explores Pooja’s reflection on everyday life, expanding from those close to her and encompassing friends and strangers around her. Alongside reflection on relationship with her family, the show pays homage to Newar gallis and chowks she has grown up in. The works serve as an artistic documentation of the tangible and intangible markers that make a culture. They create an intimate portrait of people and spaces by translating fleeting everyday interactions...

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Windows to the Sky

‘Windows to the Sky’ opens into the distinct visions of contemporary artists from Nepal. The show presents 17 Nepali artists working across various mediums and styles, ranging from drawing, sculpture, contemporary Mithila art, embroidery and printmaking among others. The individual  themes of home, migration, memory and everyday life interweave in the show to create a layered narrative of the common Nepali experience. The show explores the diverse vantage points within contemporary Nepali art onto the common Nepali sky.

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Diverse Expression

TAKPA gallery is proud to present Diverse Expressions featuring varied traditional and contemporary art from the collection of TAKPA, and aims to open a window into the potent and vibrant art scene of Nepal. The show attempts to encourage viewers to see the interconnections within diverse themes and mediums of artists in the region.

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